Steeple Project

Printable version of Steeple Restoration Project Overview and Questions & Answers (PDF)

The First Parish Unitarian Universalist (FPUU) Steeple Project is the historic preservation and restoration of the steeple and spire of the oldest church in Canton. The current sanctuary was dedicated in 1824. With funding from the Canton Community Preservation Committee and our own resources, we will renovate the sanctuary’s steeple and spire; restore its magnificent weathervane atop the spire, and plan for the restoration of its majestic Gothic Revival railing features (pinnacles and embattlements) as pictured in the historic photos here.

FPUU-Canton Church and Parish Hall with horse stables between the two buildings

Rehabilitating the steeple ensures our historic 1821 Paul Revere & Son bell will continue to ring every Sunday for all of Canton to enjoy. The newly re-gilded weathervane, which predates the current church, will shine anew, drawing the attention of passersby. Our historic church is a centerpiece of the picturesque Canton Corner Historic District, and we are committed to restoring it to its original glory. Please take a look at our list of Steeple Restoration Project Overview and Questions & Answers (PDF) for further discussion of this project.

Church building with original steeple and spire; horse stables to the left