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An Invitation

By , September 4, 2017

As the days of summer draw to a close, we stand at the threshold of a new season of ministry in the life of our congregation and the celebration of 300 years of reason, justice and diversity! I have been contracted as your new minister, as someone with a wide vision for all of us at First Parish, a vision that makes space in our church and in our hearts for new possibilities. Indeed, we stand ready to walk together into the future with great promise!

For me, these first steps begin with a deep sense of gratitude, as I consider it a great honor to take up the sacred work of ministry among you and with you, for the work before us must surely be shared. While high hopes abound as we each step into this new season, the truth is that the future promise of this congregation will be what we, together, will make of it: me and you.

As we embark on this celebratory year, I pledge to you the best I have to give: the labor of my hands, and my head, and my heart. In return, I ask from each of you a generous measure of the same in the hope that we might make the most of the opportunity afforded us in this new beginning to deepen our faith and our commitments with each other and with all. To that end, I offer a few words of invitation:

  • If you’ve drifted away in recent years, I invite you to return with a heart open to new possibilities.
  • If you’ve been feeling spiritually stuck or bored, I challenge you to give of yourself in service to others – teach a children’s religious education course or volunteer in a hospice.
  • If you’ve been feeling burned out with volunteer commitments at First Parish, I ask that you take a sabbatical and invest yourself in activities that truly feed your spirit.
  • If you’ve been on the sidelines and not feeling connected, I hope you’ll step up to take on one of the many volunteer roles that keep this place running.
  • And, if all is going well and you couldn’t be happier, give thanks and share the good news with us all!
  • Finally, I encourage one and all to make Sunday services a regular habit in your life, to use that hour each week to give shape and meaning to all the others. After all, worship is a celebration that must be shared and I look forward to celebrating and sharing with each of you as often as possible.

See you in church.
The Reverend Roger C. Peltier

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