Upcoming Services

April 23 – Ben Tousley

April 23, 2017

Ben Tousley, guest speaker and musician, a program of songs, stories and reflections entitled “Caregiving With Love.” The service will reflect on the challenges and rewards of caregiving for those we love.

A graduate of Harvard Divinity School, Ben has brought his services to some 150 UU churches during the past 35 years. Ben serves as chaplain for the Cooley Dickinson Hospice in western Mass and is adjunct professor at Springfield College School of Human Services. He has recorded seven albums of original songs.

Music: Ben will be performing our offertory piece and closing song. Jim, our Music Director, will be playing the opening section of one of his favorite pieces, the Intermezzo in A Major, Op. 118, No. 2 by Johannes Brahms for our introit and will also lead the choir in the Postlude, The Oneness of Everything by Jim Scott.

Religious Education: The children will gather and share art and discussion. They will reflect on our April holidays and discuss the theme of transformation this month.
Discussions about slavery to freedom, and the transformation of the resurrection. Story telling of some beloved fairy tales, Beauty and the Beast, and The Frog Prince.
They will mix up some homemade play dough to create with, to feel the flexible medium of clay, and talk about the hardness of it when it is fired in a kiln.
Please join us!