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Be the Blessings People Need

By , October 4, 2017

Dear Members and Friends of FPUU, As I write this message, the television is telling me we have just experienced the “deadliest mass shooting in American history.” I am horrified. I am heartbroken. My prayers and my deep sympathy go to all the people affected by this terrible injustice. Just yesterday I preached about blessings and how manifold they are in our lives: Indeed, I suggested we live lives worthy of abundant love. I realize murderous acts like those committed in Las Vegas would dismantle that belief. Surely acts like these are meant to destroy our basic sense of goodness and hope, dragging us into the depravity or insanity in this gunman’s mind. But we do not need to succumb to such insidious intentions. To be sure I want us to be angry about this; injustice of any kind offends our human dignity and our faith. I want us to engage in the work necessary to bring an end to this kind of terror by calling for change at all levels. But more than this I want us to BE the blessings people need right now. We need not join the news cycle in continually repeating and reliving the horrible night just past. We need, instead, to be like the many courageous people in Las Vegas who stopped to help others instead of fleeing for themselves. We need to bring good news to people: send letters, cards and prayers; do something kind for a neighbor; volunteer at church; do the dishes… Friends, there are endless ways we can and need to be there for one another—especially at a time like this, Please be there for one another. And, please know that I am here for you. Call on me at anytime. Blessings on you all, Rev. Roger

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