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By , October 20, 2017

Welcome to First Parish Unitarian Universalist—Canton! I am honored to be part of this special moment commemorating 300 years as a covenanted community—a community that has lived these many years not by a set creed but by the sacred promises between the holy and the human, between friends and neighbors. We are proud to have fulfilled our promise to keep and care for our historic building, full of many surprises from the past, like our Revere family foot-warmer!

More important, has been our promise to be a leading voice in Canton for tolerance and justice. We are sure-footed when it comes to matters affecting the inherent worth and dignity of our citizens and we are keenly aware of our interconnected relationships with each other and our planet. We teach our children to respect themselves and the value of service; and, in turn, our children teach us why we do any of this: love.

There have been many milestones along the way as we have worked to inspire and serve for peace and justice. And we are proud of our shared history with the town of Canton. From our recent Vigil for Las Vegas to our fight for marriage equality, from our commitment to our schools to helping stock the food bank, we feel social action is a cornerstone of our faith. With a renewed commitment to work together with Canton’s ecumenical churches, we continue to strengthen the love we share with the surrounding community and the world.

This celebration would not have been possible without the support of the donors and local businesses found in these pages: your contributions make everything possible! Then there is the steadfast support and service from so many individuals—from choral singers to youth clean-up crews—we owe you all a debt of gratitude! Finally, I offer my heartfelt thanks to our members and friends who have made sure this event would be inspirational in every detail.

I cherish the memories that I have at First Parish. And I look forward to new ones on the journey we will share in the times ahead.

Joe Amster, President

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