Children’s Program

What we offer

Nursery Care: First Parish provides free childcare for infants and toddlers from 10:15 to 11:45 AM each Sunday so that parents/guardians can attend the worship service.

Group Worship: Each Sunday, everyone comes together, young and old, to worship with one another before the start of Religious Education programming. Children and youth get the opportunity to be part of the larger congregation, helping out by singing hymns, lighting the chalice, and leading the recitation of our covenant.

Religious Education Classes: First Parish offers Religious Education classes for a variety of age levels. This year we are using the “Soul Matters” curriculum. These courses explore our Seven Principles and Six Sources and provide our students with the opportunity to grow in spirit. We seek to empower students to explore their own beliefs and to develop a strong sense of self.

Our Whole Lives (OWL) Classes: Every other year we strive to offer this course for our youth. This is a course that addresses a full range of topics and promotes sexual health, the development of healthy relationships with others, self-worth, responsibility, justice, and inclusivity in a safe, healthy, and progressive environment.