Social Action

Social Action at First Parish involves all generations of the congregation, including the children and youth in the Religious Education program and the adults, both with individual causes and in coordinated efforts. Our mission is to coordinate outreach and service activities; provide a forum where congregants can learn about, then act on issues of local, national and global concern; keep congregants updated on opportunities to participate in legislative actions; and live out our seven principles in the context of a social congregation.

Act locally

  • Contribute to a different charity each month in the Faith in Action program
  • Work with other FPUU volunteers at Fair Foods on the last Saturday of the month moving, sorting, and filling bags of fresh food
  • Attend bi-weekly meeting to learn about political actions one can take to affect change
  • Collect toiletries and coats for shelters
  • Have a clothing sale, inviting folks in need to select clothing at no cost prior to the date of the sale
  • Collect Canton Food Pantry donations
  • Contribute gifts for the Secret Santa program
  • Support local organic agriculture efforts
  • Volunteer at the Neponset River Watershed Association’s river cleanup in the spring
  • Buy Equal Exchange Fair Trade coffee (for use in fellowship hour and for sale at times)

Support the work of other First Parish congregants

Denominational resources