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By , September 15, 2017

Welcome back to our beloved community here at First Parish! This year shows much promise. In RE we are excited to introduce the much-respected Montessori “Spirit Play” curriculum. I am delighted to share my past success with this program with you. It offers so much creativity and individuality for our children

The crisp air of September is here.
My favorite month.
I will be looking at the changes in the trees.
The colors of home, New England.
Children will be skipping to the bus stop.
To meet their friends.
To greet their new day.
Seeds and leaves of our great Oak trees, will eventually fall.
An expression of renewal.
Growth, will happen, and noticed later.

As I wrote these words, to me they represent the work we do in the Religious Education program, growth will happen, and noticed later, to help our children grow strong and tall.

I am excited to start the year and work with each of you. Many of you have already offered to give time and talent, whether it be substitute teaching, on our RE Committee, youth breakfasts, or teaching OWL. Your involvement means so much. Thank you!

This Sunday September 17th, 9:30-until 10:15, we’ll have open registration for new RE students in the chapel. Please join us, invite your friends and help spread word. Following registration, First Parish kids will continue their morning in the chapel with the first lesson of the Montessori Spirit Play curriculum “The Flaming Chalice.”

— Melissa Sturdy, Director of Religious Education

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