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July 15, 2016 Summertime Thoughts from your Minister

By , July 15, 2016

Summertime Thoughts from your Minister

July 15, 2016

News and Updates:

Here we are in the middle of hazy, hot and humid July, and while our Sunday services are on summer holiday, your leaders have been hard at work. Here’s an update of Everything FPUU!


Joe Amster, President

Fran Lytz, Vice-President for Member Services

Kitty McGregor, Vice-President for Administration

David Bryant, Treasurer

Carol Pratt, Clerk

Ellen Fox, Member-at-Large

Kathleen O’Connell, Member-at-Large

Nancy Devine is your new Membership Committee chair, and Larry Cotton now chairs the Finance Committee. Kitty McGregor is the coordinator for Building & Grounds; Carol Seaman is the coordinator for Programs. The chair of the Religious Education Committee is now vacant – many thanks to Erin Alonso who served as chair for two years.



The Committee on Ministry has crunched the data from their survey and in the new church year they will hold a gathering to discuss opportunities the survey presents. The members are Tom Hanold, Barbara Foley and Don Seaman (to be formally approved by the Parish Committee at their next gathering.) You might be thinking about how the ministry of our congregation can improve, and one of these good folk will be happy to talk with you.


We are all working on being better at communicating decisions and plans to the whole membership – if you have any questions at all please feel free to speak with any of the leaders mentioned above. Beginning in the fall we’ll post minutes of the Parish Committee meetings on the bulletin board in the Parish Hall as well as in the office and on the website where you can currently find all approved minutes. Additionally we’ll shift to a weekly news blast that will hopefully keep you up to date.



We are sorry to say goodbye to our DRE Tej Mohan Singh Khalsa, who has been offered a full-time job at his other job in Rhode Island, and has resigned from his position as DRE at First Parish. You’ll have a chance to thank him for his fine work on September 11, when we meet again at our Fall Ingathering and Water Ceremony Service. The ¾-time position of DRE has been posted on the relevant UUA websites and with LREDA – the Liberal Religious Educators Association.



It will be a joy to say “hello and welcome” to our student minister David Egan on September 11. The Internship Committee is composed of the following:

David Bryant

Paula Hirsh

Diana Levy

Crystal Thorpe

Buffy Boke, Supervising Minister



There is value in taking things slowly, but we wish the Powers That Be would move a little faster in approving our CPA restrictions so that work can begin on the steeple project. The reason there has been no notification about it is that since the restrictions were approved at the congregational meeting the paperwork has been oozing through the system. As soon as there is movement, the Steeple Project people will let you all know.



We’ve reorganized the Office Staff as follows:

Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays Carol Seaman – Carol will do the filing, telephone triage, orders of service, database management and other sundry things that come up

Wednesdays Jeanne Zarrillo – Jeanne will do the weekly news blast and reminders for fellowship hour, ushering and flower donations in the morning, and in the afternoon she will pay bills, post the finances to QuickBooks and manage payroll.


Please remember that Carol and Jeanne have a lot of responsibilities, and while they are wonderfully friendly and eager to help you, their time is limited – so be thoughtful as you ask them for help. They are both very happy to help, but may have to ask you to wait a bit when they have pressing work.



We have regular tenants as follows:

The Chapel
Sundays:         Divine Ministries 1:00 – 4:00

Mondays:        NA 6:45 – 8:15

Tuesdays:        Kundalini Yoga 7:00 – 8:30 (this will end in early September)

         Thursday nights the Canton Town Band rehearses, 6:30 – 9:30


         The Dance Studio (Upper Parish Hall)

         Thursdays:        Danceworks (Marilyn Jenkins) time TBA


         And of course June’s Preschool Garden weekdays from 9-1



Once again we remind you that just about everything you need to know about First Parish is on our website. Webmaster Barbara Casaly does an amazing job keeping it up-to-date. You’ll find it at The “Members” section password is “canton”.


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