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By , May 8, 2016

Dear Friends,

I am so looking forward to returning to you and the ministry of our beloved community. It has been a rich and restful sabbatical during which I’ve traveled both physically and mentally.

Warm and friendly people, beautiful scenery and architecture, breathtaking art, and of course delicious food characterized our month in Italy. I fulfilled a long- me desire to see both of the famous Sicilian cathedrals, Cefalù and Monreale. We stood for much longer than we’d have thought we would waiting for the Good Friday procession to begin in Palermo – and then were deeply impressed by the power of faith that supported the men supporting the figures they carried down the narrow streets. One was a heavy glass co n in which a life-sized figure of Jesus lay. Another was a larger than life figure of Mary, Queen of Heaven. It took 20 men to carry each of these figures and they had to stop every 10-15 feet to rest. But they seemed to feel honored to be the bearers of these most holy and significant figures in their religion.

It made me think again of what commitment to a faith can mean. How do I show up for my own religious convictions? What weight am I willing to bear in service to our principles and the quest for truth – our “sacrament.” How much of my own resources will I give to support and sustain Unitarian Universalism?

I’ll have more to say about the beauty and the challenges that our journey brought to the fore.

For now I share those questions with you as I prepare to come home to you. It’s been a great gift of time off, but I certainly have missed all of you. See you Sunday!

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