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On Covenant

By , September 27, 2016

Our heritage teaches us that the fundamental quality of our existence is loving kindness. In his book, The Gospel According to Jesus, Stephen Mitchell writes, “What is the gospel according to Jesus? Simply this: The love we all long for in our innermost heart is already present, beyond longing.”

Covenants are about relationships. The amazing thing about the Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – is that the god relates directly to the people.

And here, where some of us can’t get our heads around the idea of this invisible entity other people call god,

here, where we translate these ancient ideas so that they may be of use to us today, now, here

here we say: if the highest ideal of our heritage rests in the concept of covenant

It doesn’t matter if that god really exists

What matters is that for millennia, we have been working on this thing called love

We don’t come to church so that we can join a committee

We come to church because we need the loving care of a community of people who need our loving care.

Our covenant with one another is grounded in our vast – some might say infinite – capacity for love.


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