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Religious Education and Playing Games

By , November 9, 2017

This Sunday we will have Soup and Games. What do any games have to do with Religious Education, you may ask? Games are crucial to learning so many things, but, let’s start with life lessons. While developing relationships face to face between all ages, and enthusiastic engagement between community, games may challenge us to fail gracefully.

For example, I witnessed my daughter fail playing a game when she was 10 years old. The game wasn’t a board game, but a game nonetheless. I had enrolled her in a hip hop dance class. At the end of the class, when I was allowed to observe, she was playing musical chairs. My daughter was focused, and enjoyed this musical social interaction. However, my moment of pride, was when she lost the game. I watched her smile, and squeak the word YAY, when another girl won. She was encouraging and friendly, and for me, inspiring!

Games provide a safe space for failure. Many games can boost math scores, but in educating our hearts and making friends, games may help us collaborate, negotiate, take risks, develop strategy to live life. Albert Einstein said “Games are the most elevated form of investigation.” Maybe through games we will develop and investigate our own strengths, with regard to the ability to overcome adversity. So let the games begin, and when you peak into our RE classroom and we are playing a game, in the greater conceptual plan, we are engaged in the science of learning life’s lessons.

Director of Religious Education

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