How To Request Help

The Caring Circle is a team that—with the help of caring members of the congregation—offers coordination and assistance when someone is ill, injured, has a new baby, or when there is a death in a family.

Pastoral Associates is a ministerial program that provides a confidential, caring presence to congregants undergoing stressful life challenges.

Requesting Help

First Parish Unitarian Universalist – Canton is committed to providing a caring, helpful response to the needs of our church members. Please contact Rev. Roger Peltier at or 401-965-1212 (cell phone) to let us know what you (or someone you know about) need. Indicate the services needed, provide your name and relevant information. You will be contacted soon afterwards by the Minister, a Pastoral Associate, or a member of the Caring Circle.

How We Can Help

Caring Circle

  • Meals on a short-term basis
  • Help around the house when a new baby arrives
  • A card or phone call to cheer you up
  • A visit
  • Transportation to and from a doctor’s appointment
  • An errand (food shopping, medicine pick-up)

Pastoral Care

  • A caring presence to listen to your concerns
  • Someone to come regularly to a nursing home
  • A church member to spend time with you each week through a time of need due to grieving, illness, injury, disability, marital changes, unemployment, relocation, care-giving, or other challenges