Upcoming Services

Upcoming Services

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12/10 Hannukkah
12/17 Solstice Sunday
12/24 Christmas Eve by Candlelight!
1/14 MLK Sunday
1/21 World Religions Day
2/11 All Kinds of Love Sunday
3/4 Music Sunday
4/1 Easter Sunday
4/22 Earth Day
5/ 20 RE Sunday
6/10 Flower Communion Sunday

November 26 – Speaking Our Faith Across Cultural Divides

November 26, 2017

Our guest minister is Rev. Dr. Michelle Walsh. She is ordained as a Unitarian Universalist community minister and shares a private justice consulting and spiritual coaching practice with her husband, the Rev. Clyde Grubbs, known as Tuckerman Creative Ministries for Justice & Healing. She also has worked as a scholar activist for many years in urban contexts, is a lecturer at Boston University and an author.